House Fewer Cats, Save More Lives, Make Everyone Happy!

Few things seem less intuitive than the idea that shelters can house fewer cats at any one time while saving more cats over the course of a year — and yet, it’s true, as Million Cat Challenge shelters are demonstrating every day. This intriguing initiative, known as Capacity for Care, or C4C, gets a real-life overview in this webinar from Karen Green, executive director of the Cat Adoption Team (CAT).

In the webinar, Green covers:

  • CAT’s journey through what was then called Adoption Driven Capacity
  • Concerns in the beginning, both on the part of the organiztion as well as the public
  • The results they saw from adopting the initiative
  • The portal experience
  • Programs they were able to add and expand because of the changes that followed
  • Impact on staff and volunteers
  • Effect on fundraising
  • And more!