Return-to-Field from an Animal Control Officer’s Perspective

In Return-to-Field programs, healthy neighborhood cats are sterilized, vaccinated, and returned to the location of origin as an alternative to euthanasia. RTF has been a powerful force for feline lifesaving in communities all across the country. Shelters have seen dramatic decreases in feline intake and equally dramatic increases in live release rates.

What does implementing those programs look like from a “boots on the ground” animal control officer perspective? How do RTF programs really work, when you get down to the nitty gritty?

In the webinar below, Tim Reeder, Animal Services Officer for the City of Huntsville, Alabama, covers:

  • How to implement a program
  • How to adapt the program to meet the community’s needs
  • The decision-making process for individual cats
  • Determining suitable locations for RTF
  • And more!