Saving Lives and Reducing Expenses through Low- and No-Fee Cat Adoptions

How would you like to save more cats’ lives, do more adoptions, and cut costs at your animal shelter? This webinar shows you how!

In just one year, Iowa’s Dubuque Regional Humane Society decreased cat euthanasia by 82 percent and increased the cat adoption rate by 40 percent. By shortening length of stay, cat care costs were cut by over $100,000.

The primary success factor was a permanent decrease in cat adoption fees. More cats were adopted, with no increase in returns or adopted cats admitted as strays.

This webinar with Maria Benham and Aimee Heinrich of the Dubuque Regional Humane Society covers:

  • How cats were adopted into homes and lives saved
  • How approval was obtained from the board of directors
  • How length of stay and associated expenses decreased
  • How concerns in the community were addressed
  • Other benefits experienced from this change