Flattening the kitten curve while spay/neuter is on hold

We're all doing our part to flatten the COVID-19 curve and keep our staff and communities safe - but we still worry about all the unaltered pets and what this will mean when spay/neuter resumes.

Watch this April 15, 2020 panel discussion with Dr Julie Levy, Hannah Shaw (the Kitten Lady), and Best Friends Animal Society's Aimee St. Arnaud and Marla Browne to hear ideas on what you can do now, including:

  • Getting the public involved in spreading the spay/neuter message while everyone is home to hear it and where to find customized materials
  • Sharing easy, virtual fundraising ideas to raise money for spay/neuter subsidies
  • Taking your community cat program and caretaker support to the next level
  • Messaging to the public for leaving stray kittens with their moms until fixing later
  • Reframing how we react to requests for help from the public to allow us to save more kittens than ever by empowering finders of strays and fosters and linking up spay/neuter and shelter intake diversion programs


  • Dr. Julie Levy, University of Florida Maddie's Shelter Medicine Program Professor of Shelter Medicine Education
  • Hannah Shaw (aka, the Kitten Lady)
  • Best Friends Animal Society's Aimee St. Arnaud and Marla Browne

Watch the webinar
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