The Hole Truth: Your 30-Minute Guide to Getting Cats Portalized

About this Webinar

The Million Cat Challenge presents the first in a series of webinars about portals.

It is hard to believe that a solution as simple as a hole in the cage wall has been called, “the smartest thing we’ve done in the last decade” but it is true: sometimes the simple (but perhaps not so obvious) answer is the solution that works.

We think of it like this: Cats often get sick when they are stressed. Reduce stress, reduce disease. Reduce disease, reduce costs. Meeting a cat's housing needs reduces stress and keeps them healthy, comfortable and happy so they don't get sick as often and can move through the shelter faster. Now you’re able to save lives while reducing your costs and staff time. Say what? Yes!

Dr. Cindy Karsten portalizes cat cages


In this webinar, Drs. Kate Hurley and Denae Wagner will show you why portalizing your feline housing will be your and your cats’ biggest win in 2018. Learn why, when and HOW to install portals in this short webinar designed to be quick enough to watch during your lunch break. (If you’re asking yourself what a lunch break is, this webinar is especially for you!)

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Note: the webinar ran 30 minutes; there is an additional 30-minute Q&A afterwards.