Rehoming Programs: Safe options for your staff and community

Letting your community rehome animals peer-to-peer frees up shelter resources for animals that really need your help. Plus, it allows adopters to learn the pet's history and habits right from the surrenderers (who after all know their pet best). It also gives the people rehoming their pet the peace of mind of knowing where their animal ends up.

Marin Humane used WordPress and some simple plugins to build a popular website that helps people in their community find a new home for their pet without having to take it to the shelter. They'll tell you how easily you could do the same with minimal technical knowledge.

Mandy Evans developed the Home-to-Home website for the Panhandle Animal Shelter. So many people said they wish they could have that for their shelter, she expanded the platform so others could sign up to enjoy the same functionality with minimal hassle and a small set-up fee (and that fee was covered thanks to a generous grant from Maddie's Fund!).

TeamShelterUSA's Dr. Sara Pizano leads a great Q&A after the 20-minute presentation.


Carina DeVera, Digital Marketing Specialist, Marin Humane
Keri Fennell, Director of Shelter Services, Marin Humane Mandy G. Evans, Executive Director, Panhandle Animal Shelter and the Home To Home Network
Sara Pizano, DVM, MA (moderator)